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Beaver Fever

This song is by Quasar Wut-Wut and appears on the album Taro Sound (2004).

Trippin' my way to the places and the faces I meet
Tryin' to beat the heat with everything
The crazy loves the crazy lies
They fall by the way side but stuck in my lifeline
Crampin' my bones
Oh, Virginia won't you tell me what you've got in your bag of tricks to fix this

Sometimes I feel I'm meant to put my hands into something I can't see in
Hope that it might be
The cast of that mold
Oh, Trisha won't you sign my arm and tell me you love me,
I'm broken

What can I do, I'm on the outside
Working my way back to you, babe
A bird on my ear is whistling my tune, I've got to sing along
Oh, Anna baby

I'm going down the river in my four-door canoe
Both the wings fall off
What can I do?
How many pancakes does it take to shingle a doghouse?
Snakes don't have armpits

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