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Ballad Of Me

This song is by Quarter Inch Jack.

Jack be nimble Jack be quick
Jump on over your candlestick
Mary's little lamb came way too soon
I wonder why you feel this way
Brain in a haze of disarray
Erase the thing that's living inside you

Don't feel it
Can't see it
Can't believe it
Don't need it

You don't know
You don't need
You don't love
You've killed me

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Went ahead and took a big fall
Now you want to go and put it all together again
The silent voice calls out to you
Innocent love that is so true
I hope these words burn in your head

Killed me, with your own hand
Killed me, why don't you understand
Killed me, I'm not the only one
Killed me, now the deed is done

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