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The Occitan title of this song is "Farai un vers de dreyt nien". The English translation is "I've made this rhyme completely free of sense".

Old OccitanEdit

Farai un vers de dreyt nien:
Non er de mi ni d'autra gen,
Non er d'amore ni de joven,
Ni de ren au,
Qu'enans fo trobatz en durmen
Sobre chevau.

No sai en qual hora'm fuy natz:
No suy alegres ni iratz,
No suy estrayns ni sui privatz,
Ni no'n puesc au,
Qu'enaissi fuy de nueitz fadatz,
Sobr'un pueg au.

Malautz suy e tremi murir,
E ren no'n sai mas quan n'aug dir;
Metge querai al mieu albir,
E no sai cau;
Bos metges er si'm pot guerir,
Mas non, si amau.

English translationEdit

I'll write a verse about nothing at all,
it isn't about me or about anybody else,
it isn't about love nor about youth,
nor about anything else,
because, in the first place, it was conceived while sleeping
on a horse.

I don't know at which time I was born,
I am neither happy nor sad,
I am neither a stranger nor a native,
nor can I do anything,
because I was so bewitched one night
on a high hill.

I am sick and I'm afraid to die,
but I don't know more than I hear around.
I'll call for a doctor as I feel,
but I don't know which one:
he is a good doctor if he can heal me,
he isn't if I get worse.