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The Latin title of this song is "Dulcis Amor". The English translation is "Sweet Latin".

Latin lyricsEdit

Qui te caret hoc tempore
fit vilior. O dulcis Amor

Ecce florescunt lilia
et virginum dant agmina
summo deorum carmina
Dulcis Amor

Veris dulcis in tempore
florenti stat sub arbore
luliana cum sorore
Dulcis Amor

Si tenerem quam cupio
in nemore sub folio
oscularer cum gaudio
Dulcis Amor

English TranslationEdit

He who is without you in this season
Is worthless. Sweet Love

Behold the lilies bloom
And throngs of virgins give
songs to the highest of the gods
Sweet love!

Truly, in the season of spring
Stands beneath the blossoming tree
sweet Juliana with her sister
Sweet love!

If I could hold the girl I love
In the forest under the leaves
I would kiss her with joy
Sweet love!