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Slave To A Teenager

This song is by Pygmy Lush and appears on the album Bitter River (2007).

She's a pissed off man now,
Shhh, be quiet.
He is hiding metaphors.
The impostor.
Oh I'm sure you're down there
I can hear you smiling,
It's like a train blowing steam
He said,
"Tired of ALL you FOLK,
It's getting harder to keep my cool,
It's getting hard to be around people.
The crows gather black outside my window,
The machine gun blows away families, the wind
Blows leaves, the big wolrd slowly spins,
Christmas lights glow on suburban trees,
Fire burn around junkies in alleyways.
Pointless never-ending fires.
Flashes of things while drunk,
Wiggling on bathroom floors,
Wishing I was never born."
He was like a train
Blowing steam.

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