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​Syphilic Menstrual Rejection

This song is by Putridity and appears on the album Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria (2011).

In the sinister contracted bend cerebrum
Shreds of living materia
Deprives and drown under some delirant dispositions
Of corrupted erotical kinky deviant fixations
Caused by the shape of pelvic chunks
It's a boulder that smashes
Last slags of precarious dignity

Can I smell you infected cunt?
And then I want to taste you rejection
Creeping to the first of the vices
Hands get down to heal
That huge cesspit between your legs
I want to taste it
I sink in your sex voraciously
I lose fingers in it
Wringing I can catch some lumpy mass

Now moves on to pierce the bottom
Of you degenerated carcass
Blood is gushing arrogantly from big lips
Excitement gets higher in disgust
While rummaging through my indecency
I want to get deeper

Long awaited syphilic menstrual rejection
Flows over me