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Pursue The Suicidal Breed

This song is by Putridity and appears on the album Mental Prolapse Induces Necrophilism (2007).


Daily self slaughtering deprives me the pleasure to hunt tortue and kill
Weakened minds convincted in redemptions by suicide

Incapable to face the consequences of their impure actions
By now they can't explain to their filthy selves

Too easy to escape

Lived their lives with pride to being human waste

They deserve to suffer physically endlessly
Fucken scum suicidal race

Fargets whores and other shit're shameful to live or die
Stop this madness with infinite torture
6 millions not enough
My personal knochenmuhle now open the gates
I;ll turn your vile existence utile to necrophagic purposes

I can't tolerate the stench of your rotting flesh
Human rubbish
The only way to escape your repeated mistakes is fucken suicide
I'm youir passing savior kneel down to me and implore for death
I'll keep you alive feeding you with your own inner organs
To purify by flesh impure acts that you made
To satisfy my homophobic rage against your miserable existence

Guinea pig you like the cocks penetrating your cavities
Feel the knife quartering your rectum, do you like it?
Then sledge hammer on your teeth bastard!
More and more you must screm that you're proud to make blowjobs
And more you must suffer because of your inhuman abnormality

You whore open wide your cheeks to that freak
Who scorn the only real women use disdain the cunt
After all "The big sausage" is your life
You two aren't so different
If it's for money is better for you but anyway you're adducted to suck
You dirty slut you wanna kill your self because of your uncountable diseases
You chosen it
Then take my boomstick in your mouth baby
Asphyxiating by my sperm you call for death
This time I'll not grant your desire

Human discharge collection is still missing some elements
Ungrateful suicidal waste you coward you try to bring to dead your children
Time for shower demented ape your women cunts are torn by rape
With a cross their organs will be removed
And by acid you wash up'll be concluded

Self elimination = Final Salvation
But you have to pay for the ungratitude showed to your life
Suffering being slaughtered like bovines
You're annoying as a headache
Futile as insects as a dogshit under my shoe
Infinite torture will redeem your decomposing carcasses

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