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Necrophiliac Limitations

This song is by Putridity and appears on the album Mental Prolapse Induces Necrophilism (2007).

Necrophiliac limitations are the matters when the gore possession
Bring my self to fuck dead whores but missing are the elements
Young fresh dead flesh doesn't attract me now because I want to
Taste the pleasure of decrepit elderly anal vomit

Fucking her decayed womb the tang
Intense tang of scab
White haired slut copiously menstruating excrements
80 years old gorefermented cunt
Your rectal slime has flood the morgue
Floating corpses in fecal soup
How gory it is

She orally extracts

Orally extracting cervix with a retch
Vomiting her fetus out
Phlegmatic feast has begun

Compress the intestines
Like a meatloaf
Shredding up organic remains
Fistfuck her rotting holes
Necromind psychotic necrophiliac morbidity thoughts imposed

Break down dominating your consenting carcass

You are my tasty visions of gore
Give me extremely lust
When my cock is in your ear
When I shit in your tothless mouth

Raping at geriatrics
Form of respect for old age women
Wich like to get the cock between
The tumor swelled
Starving whores of deceased flesh

80 years old rotten clit
Your fetal scab is nice to eat
Your vaginal cavity is filled with maggots
And crap in stalactites
Orally extracting cervix with a retch
Fistfuck at geriatrics

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