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Molesting Vomited Decapitation

This song is by Putridity and appears on the album Mental Prolapse Induces Necrophilism (2007).

Repeatedly I wake up in a putrid dream made of gore
And I see the shape of her beautiful lifeless corpse

Devastating flashes of perfect murderous vision
I already lived it
But psychosis is unsatiable

Indolent molestation of the deceased

Her dead integrity disturb my serenity
Then I decapitate her furiously
Then mutilate with precision
Stabbing over the belly
Intense offal stench effluences by the intestines arise

Slowly I pull her head off the rest of the body
Slicing the face with my nails
And devour fresh festering derma

With a hammer crushing the skull
And ingurgitate all the rest
Brains and cartilage are fragrant
More tasty than skin

Decomposing process has begun
Rigor mortis has freeze the body
And excremental fluids copiously flows
Maybe my stomach is getting weak?
I'm vomiting all the flesh I ate
Maybe this is her deadly revenge on me?
I can't find her nose in my last retch
Vomited decapitation I'll molest

Try to re-compose the remains of the head like a puzzle of gore
I don't find her mouth to recollect it with the other parts
Another retch is coming by my vomit boiling
The stumps attaching, whaping a butchered trophy whore
Vomited decapitation

Chill freezing her dry tongue slipping on my dick
Squirts of vomit flows by her neck and another retch gets my stomach

Her mauled jawbone inexplicablement close down on my erection
Then I vomited whole my entrails

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