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​Euphoric State Of Dementia

This song is by Putridity and appears on the album Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria (2011).

Carving out all my cortex
I pull it out with all the spine
Extracting from my head
Smashing my cranial cap
Self induced lobotomizing
My brains flow out by vomit through my nose
I'm disgusting, I'm sick
A mess of flesh

No incisions, no scalp, no surgical tools
But I feel fine with it and I love it

Organic juices from the dead satisfy my addiction

Lethal dose of decayed pussies with menstrual sauces
Of bile and puss from the victims

Female parts perfectly hacked for various purposes
Severed heads served on slabs
Fornicate with eye sockets

Furiously masturbating with the beheaded
Vomiting till my throat splits in two than collapse
Disgorging my whole innards

Drunk on death's fluids I can't stop wasting me
Enjoying this mad feast
An excited state of euphoric butchery
Unsatiating thirst for human wine bread and chocolate
Heavenly sight of premature decompositions

Mental prolapse
In excrements demented thoughts

Playing with a horse's fuckhole
Stripping it's entrails through
With deceased animal chunks