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​Draining Necro Anal Disgorgement

This song is by Putridity and appears on the album Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria (2011).

Addicted to the excrements of the dead
Post-mortem nourishment of secretions
Coprophagical deeds
Stay gutted corpses
Prone on the table
Ripped away from their place of eternal rest
I start predating the bodies
Awful pleasure seeking draining rotten anal tract
Rectal bleeding upon my tongue
Bespattered intestinal juices
Splattering cavities till last drop

Gorging shit and sewage of bodies on rot
I fill my mouth in delight
The stench is sickly sweet
My hunger is growing on

I grab handfuls of tainted putrid waste
Wallowing in pools of steaming shit
Munch the septic matter
Hovering over the corpse in decay
Forced in my throat
Coughing up and choking

Decrepitated mental
Compulsive fixations for human disarray
Influenced my every motions
To slide my hands into the gastrointestinal tract

I drink blood and feces

Intoxicating me with this rank
Rotting putredine
Erupted from the dead
My decrepit procedures
Of deviated autopsy
Let me obtain all the food
That I crave with no effort

I feel sick, I'm fucking fixated
With taste this seepage
And I devour it entirely
Puking and re-gorging again
I'm a fucking pervert