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​Cannibalistic Postclimax Flesh Consumption

This song is by Putridity and appears on the album Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria (2011).

Penetrating constantly her vaginal slot
Hunger gets my stomach I won't resist more
Up and down she asks for more

I turned my cock in her wide ass
Start thinking I want to eat her
I begin to bite her back while I fuck
Then she turn her mouth on my cock and sucks
She drinks all my cum
And satiate her hunger
But I need to eat her boobs
I snatch her lips with my teeth
Post climax human flesh consumption

Loving my Victim as violent she dies for satiate my compulsive hunger for her cunt and entrails

Seems she wants to lick my cock
And squeeze my balls then
I grab her by the hair and force suffocate
With cum and swallow
I feel sick with her nails my scrotum
She tear away and eat my balls