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Gallery of Horrors

This song is by Putrid Pile and appears on the album Collection of Butchery (2003).

Come and take a tour of my gallery of horrors
Morbid works of art displayed for your enjoyment
Heads sewn together at the neck
With the eyeballs hanging out of their sockets
Mutilated babies nailed to boards
Cunt lips sealed in jars of formaldehyde
Gallery of horrors [2x]
Sculptures made of shit and human hair
Torsos with the legs stapled where the arms should be
Observe the fountain filled with children's blood
Gallery of horrors [2x]
Bodies ravaged by insects hanging from chains
Female virgins fucked with a chainsaw
Rotting their way straight to hell
Straight to hell [2x]
Gallery of horrors [2x]
Death and mutilation is what I love
Sick and twisted to the core, I'm totally insane
Soon you will be witness to my new addition


Written by:

Shaun LaCanne

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