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Signs Of Putrefaction

This song is by Putrefy Factor 7 and appears on the album Total Mind Collapse (1995).

Oppression all over the land
After revelations everything's clear
Soul flies out over bleak landscape
Last lightening lanterns are blown out
Decomposition scattered on bodies and acres
Divine lance hurled into source of life
Deadly chill spreads out over flowers
Obliteration comes ruthless closer...
Folly of people punished by nature
Fragrance of corpses surrounds me
Signs of putrefaction come so fast
Skin cancer fells without compassion
No time or place to bury the remains
We clamour our dirges and weep
Signs of putrefaction scatter faster and faster...
Nature's started a genocide
As solution to stop overpopulation
As solution to suppress hybrids
As solution to selfrescue from destruction
Mankind has caused this revenge
This pollution's mortal
Ruin of forest
Ozone hole's getting wider
Polluted sea kills fishes and their consuments
Exhaustion slinks through bones
Out-sticking eyes, sickness, weakness
Disease, smell of dead corpses
Brings up the wish of vomiting
It's time to turn to faith
Invocations to reach bliss
New worship of god
They flee to believe
'Cause believe's important when they're in need
Nature has reached the aimes
Mankind decreased to 1%
Pollution's prevented
Humanity's cured
And's regard for the things which are more important
Than prosperity and egoism


Lyrics by:

Don Wege

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