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Conquest Of Isolation?

This song is by Putrefy Factor 7 and appears on the album Total Mind Collapse (1995).

Coming out - never my intention
Steady not understanding
Looking into strange faces
Always pressed against the wall
Desire for silence and in the meantime
Fear to be ailing again and again
In the own naked walls
The own thoughts' world makes me anxious
Not complying with the limits of this system
Is it important to be loved by all strangers,
To be slaughtered by secret talks with cruelty?
Why do I stay alone when the exchange of thoughts
Is as filed as publicity likes to think?
Do you really feel alive?
Is it sufficient to dive into depths of souls
And never to reveal yourself?
Everything seems so strange
Fear of searching reality
Is it important...
I try to attain a new kind of existence
My inside rebellion let some signs to the outer world
Bubbling skin and bursting wounds
Views into a mirror
Astonished faces
Try to stop the conquest of isolation
Fear of searching for souls
Understanding but still free
Never finding, never succeeding
Never satisfied


Lyrics by:

Don Wege

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