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Untitled Number

This song is by Pushover and appears on the album Logic & Loss (2000).

Wishin' that I was dreamin'
But I decide to get away
Composing every word I say
Thinking while you were talking
How could I listen to you
When you remind me of myself
Will I be back?
Why wasn't I mistaken
Why did you want the other one
Who am I to tell you what to do
I know that I have lost myself
How will I ever get it back
Cause that's what I have up most of all
Will I be back?
We all, we all want to be something
We're not sometime
Don't know where I'd go
Who can complain when I leave
I can't explain it to you
You ask me what I wanted, did you
I can't believe it's all gone
How can I make it up to you
When I can't begin to talk to you

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