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Radio My Life

This song is by Pushover and appears on the album Logic & Loss (2000).

I cannot see
My life has been ripped apart of me
And I'm thinking that I
Cannot get away
I'm wanting to stay
We soon will see
That you have been a part of me
But I still know that I
Cannot be away
Well, one of these days
Heard our song on the radio
And now it feels like yesterday
Play it loud on the stereo
And you're thinking I could fall away
Each day is a gift, but not always a prize
I can't resist, you can't look in my eyes
Something else
Has got me right back here with you
And I can see
I can die a happy man with you
So what now
I'm running out of things to say
And I'm starting to be
Throwing it away, all day

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