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European Dreams

This song is by Push Kings and appears on the album Push Kings (1996).

I was waiting for the warmest day
Of the year (ya ya, ya ya)
And everyone cheered (ya ya, yaa)
When you came rolling in

Fans were telling me that they
Felt naked without you (ya ya, ya ya)
You stepped to the street (ya ya, yaa)
And then you kissed his cheek

And I would never take that away (ay-ay-ay)
But I see you two
I don't know what to do

They've got religion (religion)
You can always tell they're one
You see him kissing her twice
You know she's in paradise

He's her religion (religion)
Riding on his motorbike
He gives her fragrant creams
And sometimes European dreams (European dreams)

Passing Avanti cars and Jaguars,
You never blinked (oh no, oh no)
If anyone winked (ya ya, yaa)
You always told it to him

You were his baby
And he took you around the world (ya ya, ya ya)
Said "you're a special girl" (such a special girl)
Whenever he heard "Ipanema"

But I would never (oh no) take you away (ay-ay-ay)
And I'm such a fool, I don't know what to do

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