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Work And Play

This song is by Purrbot and appears on the album Civil Unrest (2006).

We went out to have tea

After not having seen each other in a long time

I really had nothing to say

But I talked anyway

Nothing was interesting that day

Your excuse was you were tired of working

You were exhausted

I didn't sugar my tea

Let alone my speech

And you lectured me

On how hard it is to balance work and play

But how many days had it been

Since I'd seen you?

You said you were sorry

You'd put me on the back-burner

I said it's good you're aware that you did

And all I wanted to do was ask you

Why was I so easy to let go

I guess it was my job to speak up

And tell you how I felt

But you hadn't made the effort

So why should I be fair

Why should I be fair

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