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This song is by Purrbot and appears on the album Civil Unrest (2006).


On top of the water now

There's no weather, there's no wind

And I am in a pregnant silence

A calm before it will all catch up and be going full speed

And I am trying to keep one step ahead

Unguided, as in there are no rules

Don't let me crash into the shore


You are who can tell me where is safe

Where is sound

Also I do not want to tread water

Never swimming for fear of it

We moved like plants grew

No, like continents shifted

No, like planets rotated

It was the unnoticeable bend of the earth

Flat to us

One day we will get a rude awakening

Saying all we have learned is wrong

Or it has no power here

In the end this is not a cure-all

It won't fill cracks or heal wounds

In the end we're the bend of the earth

Flat to the eye

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