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Empty Threats

This song is by Purrbot and appears on the album Civil Unrest (2006).

I am full of empty threats

Passive aggressions and

Manic depression and double standards

I am full of worry that will not float me here

I will sink to the bottom

And I think my neighborhood is safe

That I will not get bottles thrown at my head

On my way home

That my cat won't get attacked

By unleashed and aggressive dogs

Just mimicking their owners of similar caliber

The sun shone for a second

Shedding light on my right shoulder

And in it the sum: one big diamond

Atrophied and faceted

With an encrypted color code

A rainbow to my two tone

I am full of past regret

Keeping me static

And repeating the same mistakes

I am full of minor events and impulsive moments

Now the substance of my everyday

And reason why I do or don't leave the house

I need to get my head out of the sand

And go somewhere I haven't been

It's hard for me to imagine what I might find

I'm afraid that we cannot

Make a mark on this world anymore

Because it is against new laws

So I am counting down the days until 2008

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