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Come Out! Come Out!

This song is by Purrbot and appears on the album Civil Unrest (2006).

I would turn myself in

If I thought that it meant

I could end inequity

I like your boy coming home

Black and blue

With what will be permanent damage

On his body

Not to mention his pride

Not to mention

He will change the way he walks at night

He will change the way he walks outside

Who do you think you are

It is not your decision to make

What if it was the other way

What if how you were born

Who you chose to love

Was not allowed

Not "right"

Not smiled upon

Not talked about

You cannot decide my rights

You do not have the right

You do not have power over me

Goblin King! No!

The time to change is now

The time is now so come out, come out

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