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Body Rock

This song is by Purple Ribbon All-Stars and appears on the album Got Purp? Vol. 2 (2005).

Body rock body rock I make ya body rock in da street hit da stage and every body rock
A body rock body rock I make ya body rock dem o boys hit da stage and every body rock.[x2]

Look who in the arena fillin up the stands and once I hit the stage I bett dey all gon dance
Do the body rock throw up all they hands hollarin out aaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaa
I be body rockin' baby ballin out of control poppin' all dat ex blowin' on dat purple slow dragon on that lean sippin purple got a group of hoes 'n' they all dressed in purple so dance for me vip please lady and if you twirkin hard you might just get all of my makings and if you twirkin harder girl you might just get my baby I'm a west side thug and this is how we do it

Every nigga know me west side og son of tha dope lady what's up ya mama niece said say it loud 'n' proud I was raised by a crook 16 in tha kitchen mama taught me how to cook hell yeah I ain't talking bout fat backs and collard greens mama taught me how to cook crack and fat colla greens I count a lot of greens cut rocks welt stones but now I flip ya monkey niggas on pee cones walkin' through the concrete jungling and my nuts swing owww nigga touch my chain and killa like gucci man done with air force ones this shit gutti man

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