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Knight In Shining Courage

This song is by Purple Love.

Sailing the night sky with the greatest of ease
Like a dot in the sky, we're down on our knees
A picture of fear, from your hands to your feet
As your hands clutch the side of the ejector seat

Pull the trigger
Out you fly
We all thought
That you had died

Into the mountain the empty craft flies
And the smoke and the wreckage fill up the black sky
The bystanders look, and they sit, and they cry
'Cause they all thought they'd just seen a good man die

When out of the smoke came a solitary figure
But the people were looking at something much bigger
Escaped from his own world, of his own decay
It was there that he vowed to start a new day

Oh, where did you go
Starting a new life that nobody knows
From the top of the heap to as low as they go
Try to recover the world that you know

To the costume shop, you thought it would be
To figure an outfit that no one would see
Promised forever would change today
A fake nose and glasses would show you the way

The familiar desk where you sat once before
Right back to the place where you became lore
Meeting the boss, shake in your boots
Until the day that he told you the news

Oh, where did you go
Starting a new life that nobody knows
Right back to the top, like you werent even gone
But starting afresh as the wizard turns on

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