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This song is by Purity and appears on the album Dear Evilyn (2004).

Everytime I'm looking at you
I don't know what is true
I wonder people are strange
I can't tell you what is inside
How far the truth is behind
I won't feel like your saviour

Sometimes I sense these memories
Can't remember history
Feels like running a circle
Five five five is turning to nine
Nine nine nine is turning to five
Maybe the days are staying the same

Fall. then I won't feel like a stranger
I am feeling much more happy
Just crawling slow back to you - oh lord?
Am I living like slave?

Turning me I'm turning you down.
You burn me. bury me down
I wanna feel much more - oh more more
Don't want to feel like a stranger
Don't want to live like a prayer
Hate is gone forever
Out of my world

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