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This song is by Purification and appears on the album Banging The Drums Of War (2002).

I Wear my colours in the battlefield
I Wear my colours and I am ready to kill
Resistance - We won't step back
March forward into an hell made of flesh and steel
Encircled by enemies, through their corpses I'll force my way out
Resistance - We won't step back

Bloodlust drags me deep into the pits of hell
Amidst the tortured souls fighting unto death

Covered with torn flesh and blood, I continue to advance
Frontline in the attack, face to face with the enemy

Hell no longer await as I run straight into its flames

Onwars to - the battlefield; death - or victory

Death before Dishonor, the true path of the warrior
The prize of the battle: the head of the enemy
Pierced high on top of our pikes

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