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This song is by Purification and appears on the album Banging The Drums Of War (2002).

Into this world I was born to suffer and weep
My entire existence spent in continuous suffering

Compelled to stagnate from birth to the grave
I won't end up with my days trapped in this decay

To know that life is pain is strength in the end
In order to survive you must fortify your body and mind
Cheated and fooled again, enemies on every side
Alone against the world, I will never let them win

Fed by bloodstained hands
Someday I'll break free of the chains holding me to the ground

I have faced misfortune eye to eye
Then washed the tears from my face
With persistence, I overcame the test of time

Through the dance of days I have remained. Reinforced!

Memories stay to never die
Time Past won't disappear
As the fire in my heart burns eternally

I have not been mislead from the attainingment of my goals
I will always try to break these chains
My heart will never change

Aging took a toll on the ones that I used to call my friends
Made them, weak and soft, but not for me. Reinforced!

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