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Fight To Survive

This song is by Purification and appears on the album Banging The Drums Of War (2002).

I am trapped in this jungle of concrete
Surrounded by the most dangerous animals alive
I have to fight to survive

I have to fight to survive

From police brutality to organized criminality
I reject the evils of this corrupted society

I have to fight to survive this reality I despise

Disgusted from what I witness every day
By living in a world ruled by violence and hate

I hve to fight to suvive this reality I despise

I must overcome this suffocating hate
Turning my eyes red and grinding my teeth
I need to find balance in hostility

All Around evil dominates uncontested over this decay
I need to find a way to escape this insanity

Put with my back against the wall
I'm left with no order way than to fight back

Might makes right is the law of this world
Where life has no value and money rules
Everything is downtrodden in the name of profit
Learn the ways of the enemy
Learn how to fight back effectivelly
Time to raise up the head from the ground
Time to fight to survive

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