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This song is by Puppetmastaz and appears on the album Creature Funk (2003).

Reevolute overthrowing the thrown
Sipping on skulls of bone (Tequila)
Showdown below ground, with no sound
Sipping on skulls of bone

Buttercup Ladies and PopUp Mastaz
Rumble in the Jungle with Banana Blastaz
The Revolution's won now she's sizzelin'
Butter On the frying pan like the sparks in me brand
Like the sparks in me eyes, televised,
Stellar rise of the wise ass wise guys
It's the Buddha
800 pounds of Pupppet comin'to ya
You thought you didn't know me but I knew ya
Fusion of all Illusion
You bought a raffle ticket and you won the revolution

What - you don't like?
You get the pest
Revolution is fast
Puppets freakin out taking over the system
We're dancing on the ceiling but you already missed them
Hammer squash with the toads of the marmalade
Soak up a shark in the marinade
Like chips and salsa from Tegel to Tulsa,
Pop your vulva like pins popping pinatas!
Oh me giarl but how come so wobbelin'
That's the way you fry me gobbelin'

A - B - C - D A-Evolution, B-Evolution, C-Evolution, D-Evolution (3 x)

Whoop whoop now we gonna eat some soup
Whoop whoop for the fieta loop

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Doowabba - party favors in all flavours
You fuck Buddha and Buddha fucks your neighbours
Fibidee food fight fresh from the blender
Melt down the cheese then the moon surrender

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