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976 Slut (Remix)

This song is by Punk Bunny.

Don't call a hooker Just call me Dial 976-S.L.U.T

Leave all the talking up to me, All I wanna do is hear you breath, forget the internet, forget the streets, let me hear you beat your meat. Only 2.99 a minute, dial it now, you'll be glad you did it. Tell your friends what number to dial, tell your friends it was worth your while ;)

Come on and hear me moan
Come on pick up the phone

Are you there?
I'm not wearing any underwear.

Give me your digits to your credit card, trust me it'll make your pecker hard, if you want me at your door, it's gonna cost you a little bit more. Cheaper than taking a bitch on a date, save your money and masterbate, grab a magazine a call an ad, do it baby and I'll call you dad. I'll never know if you're fat and old, call me baby my coochie's cold, don't stroke it too fast, there's no rush, just say shut up bitch you talk too much!
1 in the pink, 1 in the stink
With you on the receiver, my finger's on my beaver, I'll just keep you on the phone, while you're stroking on your bone.
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