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Struggle And The Sacrifice

This song is by Punishment and appears on the album Broken But Not Dead (2003).

Life and fair the two words that
Were never meant together the hard
Times in poverty, just too young to
Understand just too young to
Understand, I look back I see it all the
Bright light that never died, kept me
Warm when life was cold the small
Things like holidays, you gave us all
That you could kept me straight on
The right path, burns me deep each
Time I fail it took me sixteen years to
See how much you gave to me I'll
Never find the words to show my
Appreciation struggle and the
Sacrifice did all that you could for
Us there when I needed you the most
Sacrificed to make us strong without
There would be nothing struggle and
The sacrifice sixteen years and I can't
Find the words to show how much
You mean to me sixteen years and
I can't say thank you after all you.
Gave me it wouldn't do

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