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Burning Souls

This song is by Punishment and appears on the album Broken But Not Dead (2003).

Bloody tears from my eyes,
Sleepless nights, times I've cried
Broken heart never fixed, lost all
Hope years ago living hard, dying
Young, all we've tried, how we lose
Sorry dreams never seen, our vices
Taken hold punished and left too
Weak, struck hard by regret
Nightmares we struggle with,
We're left to overcome how much
More can we take, we bleed ourselves
Dead failure hit our soft spot, we're
Left bleeding I see the sun falling
From our sight it's warmth and gift
Of life soon fading madness to
Ignore the simple truth we are dead
Men slowly crumbling we burn our
Souls away, standing be as our star
Falls failure to change our path
We burn our souls away

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