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Bearing The Emblem Of Pride

This song is by Punish Them and appears on the album Punish Them (2008).

At this moment we're about as useful as ants.
Striding towards our most certain deaths.

Your vision of a new life was impure.
Your Country's failures branded on your arm.
Society kept track of your defiance.

Branded into your chest,
It's staring you down.
As terror is embedded in our minds.

Society kept track of our defiance's,
Branded on our arms.
As another is with Bearing the emblem of pride.

Terror was embedded in our minds.
Our fucking thick minds!
Subsequently Flaunting the meaning.
Your vision of a new life wasn't pure.
Gave into temptation, and threw it all away.
Your guard was let down.
As your past has turned against you

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