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The Other Piano Man

This song is by Punchline and appears on the album Just Say Yes (2008).

One life is a timely gift
Who knew it would make him sick?
Half-way when he found his list of life-long goals,
And now regret sinks in like feet
In mud but not so deep,
And at forty with muddy teeth,
The list is still clean

And the piano plays without his fingers
It's too late, he tears the list apart

Paper piles up in stacks
At a desk he regrets is his habitat
In an empty house full of furniture
That he sits on nightly watching TV,
A pastime that seems to fit
He's a master of time management
At what point do we set aside the important things in your life?

The piano plays
And he has nothing to do with it
It's too late, he tears the list apart (apart... apart...)

Entertain us!
Play 'Let It Be'!
Where were you last week when the curtain called you?
We're all restless
And ready to sing,
So play anything that we know the words to!
Play 'Brick'!
Play Queen!
Play 'Bennie and the Jets'!
Play the theme from Cheers!

'Hey, wait a second here
I'm smoking and drinking and after I'm done
I'll play what I want!
I'll play what I want!'

And as the crowd starts to scream,
He realized it was just a dream

('Someone to take care of me...')

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