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Punked Up Love

This song is by Punch!167.

I like you a lot, I hope you like me too
Breaking up I could never do
Breaking in your house, looking at your underwear
Sneaking in the shower, while you wash your hair
You look so pretty standing there alone
I hope to get you drunk and take you home
I'm sure my mom will like it when I take you out
I'm sure that she has nothing to worry about

I'm a jerk, I'm a punk
I'm ugly, not a hunk
I'm a guy with a dick
All your friends think I'm a prick
Is it that you like me 'cause I'm in a band
Or is it the way that I always hold your hand
Your pretty in the face
Everything about you is great
Can't keep my hands off you
Cause your body is so fine
I guess we'll be together
Until the end of time

Then I asked you to prom
You went home and asked your mom
While we were there I dropped my pants
Everyone looked at us while we danced
They stood around in one big herd
To point and laugh and be absurd
People are so inconsiderate
To think about it, I wouldn't regret it.

Our Friday nights are kinda dull
And the Saturday nights just follow
Some may think watching movies may be lame
I'm sorry baby, but I got not game
One of these days I'm gonna take you out
To the party across the bay
It'll be fun, it'll be great
It'll be just you and me

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