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Living For Today

This song is by Punch!167.

Don't want to think about tomorrow
Don't want to think about yesterday
Things I can't change
The things I'll never do
What I would have said
What I would have done
Don't think about what's going to happen
Or what happened an hour ago
Thinking about the past only makes regrets

Tomorrow can be changed
Yesterday stays the same
You've got to live life for the moment

What matters is what happens now
You've got to make it happen
Forget the past, wait for the future

I'm living for today

Every dusk is a new beginning
Every dawn is an end
Nothing in life is for certain
Live life to it's best
You have a destiny
But life's not a multiple choice question
No one was guaranteed their fame

You die the second you believe
Life's pre-planned, you have a destiny

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