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Just Another Chapter

This song is by Punch!167.

When I was young I had so many dreams
Dreams about the future for me
Dreams about the punk rock scene
I was there, chicks were screamin for me
Fellow rockstars were playing my songs
Many other fans were singing along

God told me to be on a stage
Play the devil's music, start a rage
Everybody's headbanging
Hooters flashin in my face
Is this the life, all the girls
Show your self to the world

When I was young, oh the dreams I had
Everything was real, everything I said
All these chicks all around
All of them wanting to hold my hand
They were screamin' my name aloud
I never ever wanted to sellout

Everyone's against me, I don't know why
I don't tell them how to live their life!
Get off my back, and leave me alone
Just another boring chapter is wrote
All I ever hear is what I'm doing wrong
Just let me play my punk rock song
Just another day, you say to yourself
Not today were gonna make a change!

Not gonna do what you say

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