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This song is by Punch!167.

My life was good then you came along
I knew I had to have you
Many hours spent impressing you
Now they finally paid off
I'll never forget those days, I spent chasing you
All the things I used to do
I got my chance and now you're mine
It all started with a glance, and just another silly dance

My life was simple, filled with fun, I had everything I wanted
Perfect as it was
I didn't know I had it coming, but I guess I saw something in her eyes
I had the goals, I had the girls
They didn't compare to what I had in store later
It seemed my life was perfect - then it happened
You gave me a glance and I lost myself
In your eyes at that moment I knew I needed you
And my perfect life was put on hold

I'll always have those eyes stuck in my head
Along with all the many ups, though there were some downs
But looking back on it, it was pure ecstasy
I guess you could say, I knew something else
I knew in time that you'd be mine

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