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Crush Of The Week

This song is by Punch!167.

I walked into a party
There she was standing there
Looking pretty, I had too much beer
With those big brown eyes
And that smile she can't hide
When she asked me for a dance
I didn't lie I took a chance
I grabbed her pants wishing it could last

It's that girl that I know
My crush of the week
She knows I'm just a geek
I never noticed her before
Hell, I even called her a whore
It's those big brown eyes
The love I can no longer hide

I can't keep my eyes off her
When I see her walk down the hall
Or as I patiently wait for her call
I can't help but watch her walk by
Some day I'm gonna try
She gives me a good feeling inside
I wanna take her for a joyride
Feelings for her I just can't deny

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