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This song is by Punch!167.

Have you ever thought
Ever thought of how it'd be
To leave this place, to find true glee
Leave to find me, try to find what I wanna be
I won't turn around, or even slow down
What if I kept on driving, instead of turning off
If I take another main, life will be just the same
Drive away from here, without looking back
Without worries, without regrets
Like I've seen it before, head towards the setting sun
To where they have more fun, to where we'd have more fun
We could leave everything behind, We wouldn't follow any signs
It's California or bust, Californ-i-a

I could take you away from this place
Away from the hate, away to a new place

We could live on the soft beach
Sit back in the warm sand
Listen to waves crash and laugh
As the rest of the world goes by
Sit back and watch the seagulls fly
Live on the ocean side
Just you and me
Watch as the grass grows
Right beneath our feet

Together side by side

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