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Alone Like Always

This song is by Punch!167.

I don't know why their eyes can't see
What I think all that I believe
When I go home, away from my friends
I sit alone, knowing I'll be here again
They pretend to care, but I know it's a lie
The words don't come out, they don't even try

Alone like always is how it always ends
Alone like always as if it were a trend

They say I should change and I need to adjust
All the things I've done is why they can't trust
I do my best, it's not enough for them
They don't help in situations I'm in
They think what they do is all for the good
As for me I guess I misunderstood

I leave with their thoughts in my head
Trying to look back on all they said
Away from home, and now they're gone
What am I to do like this all alone
I say I'm lost, I said they didn't know
I try to find myself, but where did I go

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