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Holiday On Ice

This song is by Puffball and appears on the album Pb (1996).

I heard about a drug and I was told it was rad.
It was the most fucked-up experience that I've ever had.
I saw a treasure, get out and dig someone said.
And I dug until my fingers were red.

My hands looked like raw mined meat.
And the colour of my face was the colour of a sheet.
My head was pounding but I wanted more.
I just knew that it wouldn't be like before.
It's in my system I don't know who I am.
I want to stop but the drug's my man.
Like a scary skateshow with a better price.
Hell, why not stay on my holiday on ice.

After one trip I felt as living as keith.
They locked me up I shook like a leaf.
The next day I went out for another blast.
My life was a thriller with only me in the cast.
Holiday on ice.

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