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Do It All Again

This song is by Puffball and appears on the album Pb (1996).

Kickstart your downward fall cause time is up and you face the wall.
Life sucked and you got burned now someone'll spend the dough you earned.
Put on a happy face 'cause now's the time to end your case.
You've made your blunders too but that's nothing that you can undo.

You're going and can't you see that you lived this long is a mystery.
So count the times that you've been true 'cause hell might be too hot for you.
Don't worry you'll be just fine and you'll be free from the daily grind.
Make the most of your final day you've got to go it's the natural way.

So why do you pray for forgiveness in the end?
When you have no regrets and you'll do it all again.
You outlived yourchildren, 10 dogs and every friend.
Now you want to start all over and do it all again.

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