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The Vibe

This song is by Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard and appears on the album Give 'Em the Finger (1993).

Well hello hello hello and how ya doin'
Don't play ball, lay up with girls like Patrick Ewing
I'm rarely known to play games, that's why some think I'm strange
Not ashamed, I rock the blues like Etta James
I do a job like a man should, and I'm damn good
Take care of problems like Larry Davis would
And so, with no one's help at it, you'll be the last to eat
They spent their allowance on my masterpiece
I'm known for givin' you please, yeah I do it with ease
One of America's top ten, ask Rick Dees
Bein I'm fat (fat!) baby got back (back!)
Yeah baby got back but my back is a bunch of black

[L.O.N.S. x3] "Yes yes y'all (yes y'all!) Who got the vibe?"
"And it just won't stop
We gonna rock the beat until we hit the top"

I'm not the person to meet, or do a record with, you just can't compete
I hate your song, like Eddie Murphy hates ugly feet
I heard that you threw a fit, the day ya heard my shit
Oh and I say liked a lot, cause you liked my shit
The race was over from the moment that I entered it
You musta liked likin like, you remembered it
I'm never gonna be finished now, shouldn'ta started me
I spit in your face like Charles Barkley
I'ma be the crazy, like Moms Mabley
And make more hits than Puerto Ricans make babies
Don't take it personal man, that's just me though
We're good at everything like Vanessa Del Rio

[L.O.N.S. x4] "Yes yes y'all (yes y'all!) Who got the vibe?"

(Scratching interlude)

I'm a performer but before I perform I better warn ya
That you're gonna be a goner nigga if I have to put it on ya
Nigga, acts on a bat I be earnin 'em
Sendin more niggaz to clinics than bitches that be burnin 'em
I got the style that gets plenty fed, many fed
The style so fat it's on a diet down at Jenny Craig
They tryin' to put me on death row, for givin' a def blow
But they don't know there's many more deaths to go
You keep on tryin' witcha old school flow
But you look stupider than Jodeci at an awards show
I want the people to know you ain't live
And that you couldn't rock
If you was on the show that came on channel 5 (rock live nigga)
Your whole career will be over like Gerardo
You'll have more broken arms than Geraldo
All over walls, memories are plastered
Of people who fucked with the Phat Bastard

[L.O.N.S. x4] "Yes yes y'all (yes y'all!) Who got the vibe?"

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