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On The Regular

This song is by Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard.

I am the beginning like Adam and Eve
But still I be ill like Adam and Steve
I can be cool, they say that I'm the bad seed
Who gets you upset, like a bad bag of weed
At the knees you'll get weak, when I hit you with the grammar
Got this locked like the slammer, comin' to town like Santa (jingle bells)
Play the Isley Brothers, let's take it to the streets
Me and my peeps, we go way back like car seats
I'm rappin' up fresh while, your shit is rotten
Pickin' MC's the way we used to pick cotton
Fame and money, money and fame got to get it
(Fanatic, fanatic) Like UltraMagnetic
Givin' you the hip-hop, yeah it ain't nothin'
Took the Underground Railroad with Harriet Tubman
To my competitors, I'm ahead of ya
Mic check 'cause I get wreck... on the regular

Wake up every morning in the waking day
To hear who's on the phone with Ed Lisa and Dre?
The mind spits the rhymes yeah I'm at it again
Bout to flow, oh I'm ready to blow like the wind
Put you, six feet under used to be a gun runner (all right)
People want me like AC in the summer
Let's be fair there you don't wanna go
In this field, you be hangin' round like a scarecrow
Ain't said nothin' slick, I be makin' the hits
I'm the Ruler like Rick, cooler than Eskimo shit
Meanwhile, ain't none of y'all that fly, and that's why
You mess with me I'll be burnin your house down like Left Eye
R&B bitch dreams, I be pimpin'
Killin' 'em then be on the run like OJ Simpson
Doggie style honey call the dog catcher
I'm a Worker Man, romantic phone calls with Patra

On the regular, everyday I display my talent
Hittin mothers and their daughters similar to Woody Allen
Your profit life is over when you're in the industry cause
More people are watchin you than blacks watch BET
So joke niggaz, always broke niggaz COME AROUND MY WAY
And get your jaw broke nigga
Used to bag niggaz like groceries
Now I put 'em in the ground like flower seeds, yes
I have a scheme, to get rich quick
Burnin rappers like Hansel and Gretel did to the witch
I want a number one single, but
People be sleepin' on me like Rip Van Winkle
Straight ahead doin' what I have to do
Come round the way and still be Checkin' Out the Avenue
So, all you butt niggaz I'm ahead of y'all (so)
And I still get wreck on the regulal

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