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Mommie Dearest

This song is by Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard and appears on the album Give 'Em the Finger (1993).

Here's a true story and I want you all to know
About my man about my man around the way his name was Joe
He and his mother lived together up on 45th
But the way they looked you mighta thought that they were rich
I used to see 'em but I didn't stop to conversate
I was always in a rush, that woulda made me late
He didn't hang outside, he always stayed at home
He never had no company and didn't have a phone (no phone)
His mother would come home from work, and never be seen again
Until 7 A.M., the very next morning
I'm not the one that got the bouquet that's the bottom line
But everyone wanted to know - what was his past time?
So me and a couple of my friends, went in his building
Up to his floor, rang the bell on the apartment door [ding dong]
It took him a while to come to the door but yo we didn't care
Now they had me dyin' to know what's goin' on in there
So finally he opened up, body full of sweat
Pants unzipped, breathin hard, smellin like sex
They didn't know what to say, I said, "I'm sorry yo -
We wouldn'tve came if we knew that you was here with a ho"
All of a sudden he got this look and he said "Man to man,
You call my moms another name and I'ma whip yo' ass"
I stopped to think for a minute and then I said oh (oh)
Oh shit! His moms was the fuckin' ho
The nigga was doin' his moms, don't he know that's a sin?
Born from his mother's pussy, now he tryin' to get back in
It's gettin' deeper everyday it's gettin' tougher
Yo he fucked his mother so he was a motherfucker
I know nobody ever thinks of shit like this
It's goin' on somewhere out there, so here tell your mommie dearest

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