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Lady In My Life

This song is by Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard and appears on the album Give 'Em the Finger (1993).

Aiyyo Pudgee! (Whassup Lytesta?)
Can I ask you a question? (I'm here yeah)
Well see, it it just seems to me that you're the talk of the town
Everywhere I'm goin', y'know, I hear your name, I hear your name
(You right you right you right)
And I just really wanted to know like, who's the lady in your life?
(Lady in my life, there ain't no lady in my life)

I'm dedicatin this to the instrument of God that put me on earth
But was it worth the the pain for her to give birth
Taught me how to read (read) taught me how to write (write)
Told me use my mind instead of physical fights
Self respect was a lesson I learned for health
Nobody's gonna love you if you don't love yourself
She had to be in charge so she never thought twice
When it came down to helpin her son, she sacrificed
Moms gave everything she could when she could, never mad
Even though I was bad, she saw good
People said that it was too hard to handle me
I didn't respect authority, but she didn't let him put the hands on me
Coulda gave up, with all the hard times I gave her
Or put me in a foster home, livin' with a stranger
She kept up the fight because she knew I was bright, it's only right
Thanks to the lady in my life

The lady in my life [x16]

Now as for the beautiful days and the summers of my younger years
Mommy took me away - we had to get away from here
Here was wherever we lived at the time
And no better time for a vacation than in the summertime
I learned later she ran we ran away from problems
She didn't wanna be nowhere near my father
I never knew why she ran until later I found out
He abused her, then I began to understand
My father was a man physically but not mentally
Ruined old fool with no sensitivity
And nothin' grew but the hate in me
Figurin out the man who took part in creatin' me
In my eyes he was only my mother's lover
I used to throw fits wishin that she would find another
The only thing that mattered was that she was treated right
'Cause I was the little baby of the lady in my life

The monumental maternal figure, that we all get
Should be seen appreciated as the Lord's great gift
Many couldn't see this many women couldn't be this
But enough about them, because my moms is the sweetest
So this is for you ma, and everything you did
From tuckin me in bed to helpin me get ahead
When you couldn't afford me you still supported me
Cause you knew that the president of somethin' I was sure to be
You were always here, never left me alone
If you got a mother like that, you always got a home
The only thing that mattered was that you were treated right
'Cause I was the little baby of the lady in my life

(Chorus: fades out)

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