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Give 'Em The Finger

This song is by Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard and appears on the album Give 'Em the Finger (1993).

Recognize TALENT, when talent's in your face
And maybe next time I won't have to put you in your place
You wanna play games? Then come and see me now
We'll play a game of catch, and you will catch a beatdown
Party or a card shark, you know that I turn out
Don't wanna be a star y'know cause stars burn out
And I'm - comin' any day, day now, hey there, hey now
I'll see your sucker ass on the way down
Can you make it last, can you make it last baby?
Kiss my, kiss my - are you crazy?
Sex - you know how I feel about that
I'm givin' bitches more humps than there are on a camel's back
And black, I pack a dick a little longer than pinkie
But you know I fill hoes with more cream than a Twinkie
People give me much respect 'cause I'm a rap singer
But if they diss me I give 'em the finger (the middle!)

(You can get the finger!) What finger? (The middle!)

Hey diddle diddle there's no riddle 'cause I'm QUICK to give the middle
The third from the left and from the right yeah that's the middle
So what?! If you want it then bring it and get up on it
To coin a famous phrase, if ya got it then ya flaunt it
You so-called superstar rappers do not move me
Teddy Riley and his first group couldn't groooove me
I got the superb, flow I suppose
And got more rhymes than swiss cheese got holes
I'm runnin' around you chicken you, doin' it all the way dickin through
Don't front listen you you're pussy so I'm stickin you
Now you're wishin that you never woulda stepped to the frontline
Got mad styles but you don't want mines!
Words I got piles and piles so I don't mind
You comin' at me with the juvenile styles
Give me respect yo, 'cause I'm a rap singer
But if you diss me I'm givin' the finger (the middle!)

And you in jeapordy if there's a discrepancy yo I'm here
And I'll be straightenin out problems like Al Sharpton's hair
I know you laid out a schematic or a plan
But it's "Gone With the Wind" and frankly my dear I don't give a damn
Rule number one is that you never ever take a step
Without mappin out the step till no mistakes are left
Rule number two is that you're always gonna need your friends
Number three is that your enemies are really friends
I counted three strikes, so I guess that means that you're out
At least you know NOW what I was tellin' you about
I do rehearsal and I'm ready for the drama
Because I'm controversial not commercial like Madonna
My words'll grate a perpetrator like Milli Vanilli
I'm smokin', not front yes I'll be blunt like a Phillie
People give me much respect 'cause I'm a rap singer
But if they diss me I give them the fingers!

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