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This song is by Publik Parking and appears on the album Tomorrow Was Yesterday (2007).

I don't wanna run away baby
Cause even though you think that I'm crazy
I don't know I start to think that maybe
Why don't you come around and save me

I'm hearing everything you're saying
But, do you ever think about the pain that I'm in?
Take it away, take it away
Now listen what I have to say

I always get this way
Thought I sit and I pray
Or is it just today
'Cause I'm doing it everyday
I'm feeling all of this pain
Watch it come on down like rain
Well, I still feel the same
'Cause I'm doing it everyday

Lead solo

Well, I'm not going to cry
No, not gonna cry no more, cry no more for you

And I know what's right
And I know what's right
Not everything, not everything's for you

I'm letting go, I'm letting go, I'm letting go Go!

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