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Down With The World

This song is by Public Unrest.

There's a problem with you people in these modern times
Saving up your pennies, your nickels and your dimes
Go ahead and buy your stuff, have yourself a ball
But remember when you're gonna die, you're gonna lose it all!

So forget the world
Forget the Earth
Forget this place for all its worth
Don't put your life in materials
'Cause it's all going down WITH THE WORLD!
People think material things will bring them happiness
Using them as a source of security and bliss
We don't need anything, to make it through this life
'Cause He's the one who'll take care of us in the afterlife

Don't spend your life thinking what you're gonna do
Don't spend your time planning how you'll live it through
Take your life slowly, one day at a time
'Cause God makes a promise, that it will all be fine

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